Pacific Crest Trail Resources

Rather than repeating everything that’s already been said (very eloquently) by others, I thought I’d refer you to some of the best PCT online resources out there. The websites, videos and books below have helped me prep for this hike and inspired me in many ways.

First, I recommend you start with the Pacific Crest Trail Association’s website to find out more about the trail, permits, hazards, Leave No Trace, the community, etc.

By that point, if you need a little bit more convincing that the PCT is the love of your life (you just haven’t met them yet), read Heap’s love letter to the trail which she wrote before thru hiking it for a second time. And because the Kiwis seem to be very good at sharing their feelings about the PCT, why don’t you watch It Is The People by Elina “Tip Tap’ Osborne because just too good.

Once you’ve decided to go, check out John Zahorian’s 10 min thru hiking planning guide for non-planners.

Youtube has a ton of “PCT content”, some good, some less so, but chances are the algorithm will lead you to the most viewed and best advice out there. One of the relatively less well known channels is Marie-Pier “Poppins” Tremblay’s. Poppins hiked the PCT in 2019, is an amazing illustrator and created a series of videos about How Not To Quit (a thru hike). And while we’re on the subject of the mental game, I highly recommend you read Zach “Badger” Davis’ Pacific Crest Trials. The trail is mostly a mental feat after all.

A special mention goes to 2FootAdentures for their series of articles on PCT Trail Wisdom. As a gear retailer actually ON the trail, they see first hand what works and doesn’t work for people.

Finally, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Instagram has been a major source of inspiration and general resource. Social Media can feel like the devil sometimes but it’s also brought some wonderful people into my life and has been a window into a world of dreams.